Frequently Asked Questions

Popular questions about services, covering bridal and occasion makeup and wedding planning. In fact, we get asked these questions so many times, we thought we’d answer them in one place! Have a question we haven’t covered here? Get in touch and ask away!

We’re sure you or your friend are more than capable of applying makeup, but chances are neither of you have experience in photographic makeup. That’s why you need a professional makeup artist.

We know weddings are expensive, but your photos and videos are an important part of your wedding and your look will be a lasting image in them. An expert will help you achieve your best look and ensure you look fabulous on your big day, so for peace of mind it’s worth hiring a professional.

We’ll use the right primers to make sure your makeup lasts throughout the day and into the evening. Only if it’s particularly hot weather will it need retouching, and we can show you the right products and techniques you’ll need at your makeup trial.

We use high quality products from Arbonne, Urban Decay, Angel Face, Tropic, Bobbi Brown and Smashbox to suit the variety of skin types, tones and requirements of our clients. We don’t believe in testing cosmetics on animals, so the brands we use are all cruelty-free, and some of them are vegan-friendly or have a vegan-friendly range. If there’s a brand you’d like to use (or even avoid!) then please let us know at your makeup trial.

We always take your preferences, needs and expectations into account. Depending on the ivory/white tone (or other colour!) of your wedding dress, wearing no makeup at all will make you look washed out. We’d advise a simple, natural look that will enhance your beauty and make you look radiant.

Our aim is to enhance your natural beauty not hide it, but still disguise unwanted spots, blemishes, dark circles etc. without your makeup looking heavy. So, we’ll work with your skin type and choose the right foundation, mineral powder or mousse to balance your skin, leaving you looking natural, radiant and flawless.

Your makeup trial is your chance to tell us how you’d like to look on your big day, so if you have any pictures, photos or ideas, please bring them with you! If you have any products or brands you’d particularly like to use or avoid, then a list of those would be helpful too. Also, if you have any known allergies, please tell us so we can avoid products that contain those ingredients.

Finally, if you have fabric swatches or pictures of your wedding dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses, these would be useful too, so we can look at colours that compliments, not clashes.

We use high quality false lashes that are designed for single use. While they will last for your wedding day, they’re not semi-permanent and won’t last beyond that. If you would prefer semi-permanent lashes, we know plenty of local technicians who we can highly recommend. 

As soon as you’ve confirmed your wedding date, then let us know as our diaries get very busy very quickly!

At Your Beautiful Day UK, we know the essential things every wedding needs to ensure it’s a success, and we work with you to sort the basics before adding extra little touches that make it personal to you.

If you need  inspiration, we can help with that too! We’ll start by finding out if there’s anything you particularly like or dislike, want or don’t want and come up with some creative ideas and suggestions. By that point though, it’s likely you’ll have plenty of your own ideas!

At our initial consultation with you (and your partner if you wish!) we want to hear all your ideas, no matter how random, to get a picture of how you envisage your wedding.

If you have pictures, photos, colour samples etc., bring them along or add us to your Pinterest boards so we can see what you’re thinking.

Details of any suppliers you’ve already booked, or would like to use, will also be useful.

We’ll also ask for practical details such as your wedding date, number of guests and most importantly what your budget will be.

Once we know all this, we can start working our magic, sourcing everything needed to create Your Beautiful Day.

Every couple we work with is assigned a dedicated planner and it’s entirely up to you how involved you can or want to be.
Your planner will consult with you every step of the way (or not if you prefer!), and keep you updated, by phone or email, giving you peace of mind that everything’s under control, on schedule and within budget.

Being professional makeup artists and planners, we can be asked to work anywhere, and unfortunately fuel isn’t cheap!
So, when we start discussing the services you’re looking for, we’ll ask for details of your venue location and where you’ll be getting ready etc. so we can include any travel expenses in our quote.
We charge travel expenses when we come to do makeup trials and makeup on the day, visit wedding venues to make plans  and when a member of our team is there to coordinate your day. We start from our base near St Austell in Cornwall and charge 45p per mile (as per current HMRC guidelines). Don’t worry, we’ll always make it clear exactly what we charge for on our invoices, so there’ll be no surprise costs. 

We know how expensive weddings can be, and that many suppliers ask for huge deposits up front! So, we try to make it as easyand pain-free as possible for all our clients.
With our makeup services, we ask for a 50% deposit, payable at the time of booking to secure your date, with the remaining balance due 6 weeks before the wedding. 
For our wedding planning services, we charge a 25% deposit to secure the date, payable at the time of booking. We then ask for 75% of the remaining balance to be paid 4 weeks before the wedding. After your wedding, we issue a final invoice for the remaining amount, payable within 14 days, so any extra charges or refunds that arise in the final month are accounted for.
We’re happy to discuss this further, so please do ask us.