The Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

Let’s be completely honest: no bride would ever hand over the responsibility of planning her big day to her other half entirely (unless they were taking part in THAT TV show maybe).

But while you’re busily sorting out bouquets, bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses, we bet you haven’t had time to consider your hubby-to-be ‘s involvement in all this.

Has he become more of a ‘yes’ man who just agrees with everything? And do you even hear him when he says that maybe the budget won’t stretch to cocktails and canapes for 200 guests?

If he’s just nodding along with all your plans, it might be time to delegate some wedmin tasks his way (while you keep a watchful eye, of course).

So here’s our Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning, full of tasks that’ll keep him busy in the run up to your big day….

  1. The Stag Do

Before he starts planning his stag, sit down and work out some clear guidelines in terms of costs and locations and what’s acceptable. Jetting off to Vegas with a big group might be pushing it, but a European city via EasyJet with a few of his closest mates is a lot more budget-friendly.

  1. The Finances

Budgets and spreadsheets are never fun, but they’re key to the planning of your whole day. Giving him the job of looking after the budget will make him feel involved in all aspects of the day and that he’s in control (don’t worry, we all know he’s not really!). Trust us, he’ll soon realise he’s got his work cut out for him when he sees just how much things really cost.

  1. The Honeymoon

Leave travel agents’ brochures open on your dream destination, or even send him the links to relevant websites. With enough hints, he can’t go far wrong booking your break to Hawaii, the Seychelles or the Maldives, right?

  1. The Romance

Following on from the task above, drop a few hints about honeymoon extras while you’re at it! Tell him about the turndown service and rose petal baths you’ve read about at a particular hotel, or the surprise dinner under the stars or midnight safari trips your friends were whisked away on. And if all that fails, maybe contact the hotel yourself……

  1. The Wedding Website

If you’ve decided to have one, suggest your man takes over the running of it and the con-ordinating of any gift lists or honeymoon add-ons. He’ll be in his element if he’s an IT or web design whizz! He can build, customise and share it with family and friends, but just make sure he’s aware of the guest list so it doesn’t go out to that colleague or acquaintance you ‘accidentally’ didn’t invite.

  1. The Evening Entertainment

Bands with rude or unfortunate-sounding names may not go down too well with guests and in-laws, so give him a clear brief to work with before he starts. Agreeing on a bit of a playlist first will help too; you might not be too happy if the band starts belting out R&B when you had something a little more Rat-Pack style in mind.

  1. The Booze

Old barrels filled with beer cans and ice aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and he may not know his Chardonnay from his Pinot Grigio! But, pointing him in the direction of your venue’s sommelier or bar manager should help him come up trumps. Signature cocktails on the lawn anyone?

  1. The Speech

Ok, so on one of the most important days of your lives, you just want your man to be nice right? And we mean really nice. Boys, tell her that you love her, that she looks amazing, that she is amazing, and then add in a bit more gushing for good measure. Got it? Good.

  1. The Games

Let’s face it, most men are big kids at heart, so there’s no doubt he’ll love organising the outdoor entertainment. Giant Jenga, Twister, croquet, bouncy castles, ball pools; we’re sure he’ll have hours of fun booking and trying them out (for the kids, of course).

  1. The Boys’ Favours

While you’ll probably want to choose gifts for your girls, there’s no reason why he can’t be in charge of gifts for his boys. Let him choose what he likes (within reason, obviously) and guide him into keeping it fairly mainstream. We’re thinking whiskey, cufflinks and tankards etc. rather than comedy lad’s gifts.

And there you have it: your Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning that’ll get him involved and keep him happy while you concentrate on other things.

Still got too much to do? We offer full planning to on-the-day co-ordination, so take a look at our wedding planning services or contact us for a chat about how we can help.

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