Meet the wedding planners behind Your Beautiful Day UK

As well as being a fantastic makeup artist, our head MUA Helena teams up with our planner Ellie to offer professional wedding planning services to brides across Cornwall and Devon, turning their dream weddings into reality.

So this week’s blog gives a bit of an insight into why they love what they do…..

What do you love most about being wedding planners?

It has to be making sure everything is perfect for our brides and grooms. Seeing them enjoy their special day and sharing in that happiness, knowing we’ve done a great job is fantastic. We love going the extra mile for our clients too, like sourcing products and suppliers that will add something extra special or unexpected, to truly make their day unique to them.

What made you become wedding planners?

Having a love of events definitely helps! With our combined backgrounds in events, marketing and project management, we realised that offering professional wedding planning services was just a natural progression. We also love helping people, relieving the stress and pressure that organising a wedding can bring so they can enjoy the whole process without worrying about the details.

What’s been your favourite venue?

Oooh that’s a tough one! There are so many beautiful venues in Cornwall and Devon, it’s hard to choose just one. By the sea or in the countryside, each venue we’ve worked at has its own unique features that our clients fall in love with. If we had to narrow it down, we’d probably choose Carbis Bay Hotel in Cornwall and Deer Park Hotel in Devon – both are simply stunning.

What do you use for décor inspiration?

Anything and everything! We firmly believe every couple’s wedding should be as unique as they are, so if we’re planning a wedding from scratch, we like to get to know our clients and find out all about them. Things like their favourite colours, hobbies, films, holidays; anything they’d like to incorporate into their special day. Sometimes it’s the venue itself that provides the inspiration for a particular theme or colour scheme too.

Budgets: loathe them or hate them?

It would be lovely to be given an unlimited budget to create someone’s perfect wedding, wouldn’t it? In reality though, having a budget to work with is incredibly helpful, for both us and our clients. We make sure we work with the best suppliers to get value for money for our clients, without compromising on service or quality. And we always make sure we never go over budget, no matter what our clients request!

How do you stay so organised?

Lists, lists and more lists! We both have career backgrounds where we’ve had to be super-organised, so it’s just something that comes naturally to us. Wedding planning is all about timing as well, so we have our own checklists of exactly what needs doing and when, whether we’re planning a full wedding or just co-ordinating the day. Communication is key too; with our clients and with each other, to make sure everything’s covered and running smoothly.

What do you take with you everywhere?

Whether we’re meeting with a client or supplier, or visiting a venue, we always carry a notebook and pen. That way, we can jot down ideas, things we have to remember and tasks we have to do. Our other essential is our phones; these days it’s like we’re surgically attached to them!

Do you have an events kit? If so, what’s in it?

Every good event planner has an events kit! Mainly because you never know when something could go wrong or need fixing at the last minute. So, in ours there’s a sewing kit for sartorial emergencies, plus safety pins, tape, scissors, spot stain remover, baby wipes and a nail file. We also carry a mini first aid kit, a phone charger, tampons, deodorant, batteries and a screwdriver, just in case.

Ever had something go wrong, and how did you fix it?

Luckily, we’ve never had anything major go wrong at a wedding, not yet anyway! But there’s always a first time, which is why we keep our trusty events kit with us at all times. So far, we’ve only had to lend someone a phone charger and fix a loose button, and we hope it stays that way.

Do you ever get stressed?

When it’s the height of wedding season, it’s incredibly easy to feel under pressure, especially when we’re juggling several client weddings and makeup appointments at the same time. We probably put too much pressure on ourselves, because we’re professionals and want to make every detail of our client’s day absolutely perfect. If we’re stressed, we always make sure it’s never visible to our clients. After all, our job is relieving their stress, not adding to it.

What’s the best moment of a wedding for you?

There’s so many! The first time the groom sees the bride in the ceremony, seeing all the happy faces of the guests and the families, the first dance. But the ultimate moment has to be when the couple finally say “I do”; there’s never a dry eye in the house, and that includes us!

How do you relax after an event or wedding?

Being a wedding planner involves working long hours, especially on the big day itself. So after we’ve made sure everything is taken care of and the happy couple and their guests are ok, we slip away quietly and let them enjoy the rest of their day. Then we go home, grab some food and a large glass of wine and just relax. Maybe with a nice hot bath too. Most importantly, we get some sleep, as we’ll have to go back to the venue early the next day to collect and return hired items, pack up items the happy couple want to keep and generally make sure everything’s in order.

What’s the best part of your job?

Seeing the happy couple enjoying their day and knowing we’ve helped create it for them is so worth it. It’s the biggest day, the biggest celebration of their relationship, in front of the people that matter most to them. So when all goes according to plan, everything is exactly the way they wanted it and, more importantly, everyone’s happy, then we know we’ve done a good job.

What one piece of advice would you give to couples or brides to be?

Just remember, it’s your wedding and it should be the way you want it to be. Your wedding should be memorable for all the right reasons, so make sure it’s all about you and what you want.

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