How to avoid potential pitfalls on your Wedding Day

You’ve spent months (and probably your whole budget!) planning your dream wedding, so the last thing you want is for anything to go wrong on the day.

Things like spills on the dress, food coming out cold, speeches going awry; you know what we mean.

No matter how much planning you’ve done, accidents do happen, and you can’t control everything. But, with a little pre-planning in damage-limitation, you can avoid any potential pitfalls.

Cake Catastrophe

Crushed cupcakes, smashed sugar decorations or beautiful tiers of cake slowly collapsing on top of each other. Wedding cakes are delicate things, so when your friends or family generously offer to deliver or present the cake, DON’T take them up on it. Transporting these sugary masterpieces may look easy, but it really isn’t, so leave it to the professionals and have your cake maker deliver and arrange your cake.

Blind drunk Best Man

The ideal best man should be helpful, charming and a great wingman for your hubby- to-be on his big day, not a slurring, drunken idiot after a lager or two.  So, if the best man has the potential to be an absolute nightmare after a few pints, make sure he doesn’t start on the booze too early, and have a deputy best man at the ready just in case it backfires.

MIL goes MIA

Discovered your mother-in-law hanging around the buffet table telling anyone who’ll listen about the time you passed out drunk at Christmas? Or your previous failed relationships? Don’t panic: simply deploy your most reliable and charming bridesmaid to act as chaperone. Make her feel like a VIP by introducing her to your uni mates and work colleagues, and ensure your bridesmaid has some charming stories up her sleeve should the need arise.

Dress Disaster

You’ve taken care of it for weeks, made sure it’s in pristine condition for the big day, and now someone’s smudged their nail varnish on it, or a button’s come loose.  Or (even worse!) one of the page boys has stood on your train and torn it as you attempted to move…..arghh! Keep a calm, sensible friend or relative on standby, armed with a steady hand and safety pins, for such sartorial hiccups.

Floral Fiasco

The buttonholes are AWOL, the centrepieces are baby pink instead of hot pink and the bouquets are starting to droop. Flowers are such an important part of the wedding décor, so you really don’t want any floral disappointments on your big day. Make sure you and your florist are on the same page from day one and request samples and examples, so you know what you’re paying for. Have some of the flowers delivered the day before if you can, keeping them in a shady place or even in the fridge overnight. That way, you know that your floral masterpieces are just as they should be on the day.

Best mate looks like a bride

Ooooh this is a tough one! Of course, you want your best friend to look beautiful on your big day, but you don’t want her wearing something that steals your limelight – it’s YOUR day after all! If you get wind of what she’s planning to wear before the wedding, and it wouldn’t look out of place in a Vera Wang showroom, then nip it in the bud early. Have a quiet word and explain how you’d love her to really stand out in a gorgeous pop of colour. Or set the rules for everyone early, with a clear dress code or colour scheme for your guests, subtly putting a blanket ban on anyone wearing ivory.

Cash Bar Chaos

Obviously, it was very generous of Uncle Brian to put £500 behind the bar, thinking it would last all night. But now the boys have started on the whiskey and the kids have had enough fizzy drinks to restock Tescos, there’s not a huge amount left. If the bar tender lets you know the funds are running out, don’t panic. Prepare a sign, maybe a chalkboard, that can be placed on the bar discreetly, letting guests know it’s now a cash bar. If everyone’s enjoyed the welcome drinks, wine on the tables and champagne toasts, they probably won’t notice anyway!

First Dance Failure

You and your hubby gently swaying on the dancefloor has left the gathered onlookers a little bored and they’re starting to move away. What can you do? Make sure your DJ is ready to belt out some upbeat tunes if your first dance is failing to hit the right notes. Party anthems rarely fail to fill a dancefloor, so keep the volume (and the beat) up and you and your hubby can still dance together, just with a little more energy.

Speech Shambles

If the speeches are heading downhill fast, it might be time to step in and save the day. Try to get a pre-edit of the best man’s speech in advance, but if he’s keeping it locked down, prime one of the other groomsmen to step in if things start getting a little risqué or he starts slurring. If things really start going badly and it’s a case of “tumbleweeds”, nudge your groom and get him to stop any loose tongues with a swift “moving on….”. Or, just grab the mic yourself. Sometimes, if a job needs doing…….

Catering Calamity

The soup’s coming out cold, the chicken’s not cooked properly and Table One are on desserts while Table Ten haven’t even had starters yet. Aargh! Make sure you have someone to approach the caterers if things are starting to move too slowly. Or have some of your more charming groomsmen chat with guests on tables that are still waiting for food. It might also be an idea to invest in some dinner entertainment, like a magician, who can keep the crowds amused instead of devouring the bread baskets entirely.

Worried about everything not going to plan or running smoothly on your big day?
A wedding coordinator can make sure it does, working with you and your suppliers before, during and after to give you that much-needed peace of mind. Take a look at our services or contact us for an informal chat. 

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