6 Reasons why you should hire a Professional Makeup Artist for your wedding

Should you hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding?

You’ve found the perfect dress, booked your dream venue and planned the party of the year to celebrate your big day. The budget is almost blown; surely you can get away with not forking out for a makeup artist, right?
We know we may be a bit biased, but here are our top 6 reasons why we think every bride should book a professional makeup artist for their wedding:

1. Everyday makeup won’t cut it
While you may be a whizz at applying your own makeup every day, your wedding day is when you’re going to want something special. Plus, there’ll be lots of photos, which you’ll want to look your very best in, whether they’re yours or other peoples’! A professional makeup artist is trained to know exactly how makeup looks in black and white or flash photography, and in certain lights. They’ll adjust your makeup accordingly, guaranteeing you’ll look beautiful under any light.

2. Highlight your best bits
At Your Beautiful Day UK, we believe that makeup should enhance your best features, not mask them. So, whether you’ve got beautifully high cheekbones, sparkly eyes, flawless skin or kissable lips, we’ll work our magic to highlight your best bits (and hides the ones you’re not so keen on).

3. No tan lines, streaks or odd colours
It’s your big day, so all eyes will be on you for most of it, and you won’t want to look washed out by your dress! At the same time, you’ll want your face, neck and décolletage to be the same colour, with no obvious lines, streaks or weird colours (the “tangoed” look is never a good one!). A professional makeup artist knows how to blend colours seamlessly, hide blemishes, and ensure your makeup withstands hugs, tears, sweat or anything else thrown your way.

4. Look after your skin
Professional makeup artists work out skin types in seconds and can advise on looking after your skin to avoid dryness, oiliness or unexpected breakouts. They’ll also know which ingredients could irritate the skin (and avoid using products containing them) and you can be assured their kit is regularly cleaned thoroughly, so you won’t end up with allergies or infections.

5. One look for all
As well as creating the perfect look for you, your makeup artist can create a universal look for your bridesmaids too, working with their dress colour and skin tones. That way, everyone gets pampered, and there won’t be any arguments over electric blue liner or vampy red lipstick (unless that’s the look you’re going for, obviously!).

6. It’s all about YOU!
With all the planning and organising, it’s easy to forget about you and the fact this is your wedding day. It’s probably the only time you can hire a professional makeup artist and have them on hand to make you feel special and, more importantly, look incredible. On the morning of your wedding, they’ll be exactly what you need to help you relax. So, sit back and let them pamper you while you grab a few precious moments of peace. And, if you’re nervous, you’ll be glad it’s not you attempting to apply your eyeliner!

We hope you’ll look amazing on your wedding day, whether you hire a professional makeup artist or do your own.
Still undecided? Take a look at our frequently asked questions or get in touch and we’ll happily chat through any concerns or queries you may have.

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